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Air conditioning: Benefits of air conditioning and heating systems

Reading time: 2 mins

It is essential to have proper heating and air conditioning units in your business premises to ensure the comfort, health and safety of your staff and customers.


Essentials of air conditioning systems

  • Air conditioning makes staff feel comfortable and prevents the negative effects of heat and humidity. This helps to combat lethargy and low morale, whilst increasing productivity.
  • As an employer you are fulfilling your health and safety duties by creating an environment in which staff and customers are comfortable and protected.
  • Air conditioning units are essential for a business which specialises in physical services, such as gyms, sports centres, dance halls and spas. The air purification and filtration solutions provided by a good conditioning unit are also essential for hygiene in these areas.
  • Filters on the air conditioning units clean the environment, removing smoke, mites, odors and airborne fungus.
  • You are ensuring the health of staff and clients who suffer from hay fever and other allergies.
  • Retail stock and electrical equipment can be damaged by extended exposure to hot and humid conditions.
  • Customers will leave your premises if the environment isn’t acceptable, so a proper air conditioning unit will help to retain customers.
  • Ensuring that areas that need to remain chilled are kept at a consistent low temperature, such as refrigeration areas and food preparation zones.

Many air con systems also serve as heating units, which enables you to control the temperature of your premises all year around with a single system. A heating system is important for the following reasons:

  • To keep staff comfortable and provide a productive working environment in the colder months. 
  • Consistent heating will ensure that electrical or mechanical services do not break down or prematurely degrade.
  • To ensure a safe working environment for staff who work in colder environments such as garages or draft prone areas.
  • You want to create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers, especially if you want them to stay for an extended time, such as a bar or restaurant.