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Air conditioning: HVAC for heating and cooling

Reading time: 2 mins

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems provide both heating and cooling in a single system. Many businesses choose HVAC systems as a convenient source of climate control all year around.


How HVAC systems work

HVAC systems provide optimal thermal comfort. Air is delivered to and removed from all the different areas where heating and conditioning is required by the same system. The same ventilation system is used for the evaporation of refrigerant to cool air in air conditioning and heat pump or furnace generates heat when the temperature needs to be increased. HVAC systems offer numerous benefits:

  • Potential reduction in installation and maintenance costs as the two systems are run and serviced by the same company, meaning you only need to pay once.
  • Easy and accurate temperature control in hot and cold conditions.
  • Because the systems are combined there is less waste, less materials needed in the system when installing, and the heating and cooling systems work together to minimise the energy needed to perform both operations.
  • Reduced disruption to premises as the heating and air conditioning systems are being installed or maintained at the same time. As these systems are usually housed within the walls and ceiling of a building, working with them can be messy and customers cannot be on site whilst this work is being carried out.
  • Ensuring that essential operational systems such as plumbing and electrical equipment do not suffer from large changes in temperature.
  • When your business operates different heating and air conditioning systems the bills may be larger in the winter than the summer, depending on the services you operate. With one system, you will be paying the same amount throughout the year, making your bills easier to maintain.
  • You reduce the need for staff to have personal heaters or fans during unseasonable hot or cold periods where individual heating and air conditioning systems may not be able to respond quickly enough.

A good quality HVAC system installed by an industry regulated company will save your business money in the long run. By using quality materials and taking the time to have a system designed for your specific needs you’ll ensure lower maintenance and service costs as well as reducing energy costs otherwise needed to run fans, personal heaters or portable air conditioners.