Business Security System:  Compare and Save up to 55%!
Business Security System: Compare and Save up to 55%!
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Business Alarm Systems: Choosing your door access system

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Commercial property is vulnerable to burglary, vandalism, intrusion and theft, so you need to make yours as secure as possible. A quality door access system will secure and add value to your property, streamline facilities management and cut your insurance premiums. Can you really afford to not have a door entry system?

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Choice criteria for door access control systems

Your choice of the most appropriate door entry system will be based perhaps first and foremost on your budget. Within the budgetary constraint, you will need to determine the number of entry points to be covered, the sophistication level of your door security system, whether internal enclosures are also to be covered, and how to facilitate day-to-day employee access.

You will also need to determine the level of integration with other security system components. One of the great advantages of sophisticated door access systems is that they can be fully integrated with burglar alarms, gate automation, emergency lighting and CCTV cameras. This can usually be done by the same business security supplier in one go, or through later upgrades as your needs change.

Cost of door entry systems

Door access systems are surprisingly affordable, with prices starting from as little as £200 for a basic model. As with all electronic devices, the more equipment needed or the higher the specification, the more you will pay; but because installation is fairly simple it is a relatively cheap form of business security. Factoring in all servicing costs from the start will help you to work out the true cost of the door access system year on year. But remember, a door entry system can actually save your company money:

  • By lowering insurance premiums
  • By reducing losses due to burglary and employee theft
  • By reducing staffing costs (better electronic protection means less need for staff)

By lowering operation costs