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Business Alarm Systems: Door entry system basics

Reading time: 2 mins

A door entry system is a critical component of your business premises security infrastructure. It serves as a doorbell and intercom to give you control over who enters the site, and at the same time it acts as a secure system for controlling staff access throughout the building.

door entry system

Door entry system options

There is a broad range of door entry systems on the market, which means you have great choice and flexibility:

  • Audio buzzer system: visitors press a button which activates an internal control unit. The door entry controller can speak to the caller through a telephone handset or microphone. If access is granted the operator simply presses a button which releases a lock on the door. This is the cheapest and most common security door system.
  • Video door entry system: this combines a security camera at the point of entry and a monitor at the control panel (as well as a buzzer and microphone), allowing the operator to visually identify the visitor.
  • Mobile phone and internet door entry systems: an increasingly popular choice which permits remote control of entry points from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Electronic card, badge or key fob door entry systems: one of the most common forms of business access control for employees; users simply swipe their card or badge on a reader at the access point to gain entry.  Because these are pre-activated and issued to individuals they can be tailored to allow employees access only to the areas they need to go, improving internal security and restricting sensitive areas. These door access systems are commonly used in hospitals, schools, retail outlets, and laboratories.
  • Biometric door access control systems: these controversial door security systems provide the highest level of access security. Readers are placed beside an entry point to scan fingerprints, handprints or retinas and compare them to an approved database.

Further considerations

All of these electronic door entry systems greatly enhance business premises security by preventing unwanted visitors, deterring opportunists and protecting employees and customers. The following considerations are important:

  • Do you need your door entry security system to cover multiple entrances? This is important if your property is extensive.
  • A trade button will allow access to some area at certain times and will be useful for deliveries and collections.
  • Have you made accommodations for disabled users? That is, can a wheelchair user reach the buzzer or be seen by the surveillance camera?
  • Don’t forget to install a durable electronic door lock to complement your access system.

Insist on high-quality security cameras, monitors and microphones to ensure proper identification (for your safety) as well as user-friendliness (for your visitors).