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Employee time management: Employee time management software

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If you keep manual records of your employees’ attendance and spend lengthy amounts of time inputting hours worked for payroll or using a paper punch card system, it may be time to invest in time clock software.

employee time management

A time clock software package will manage all areas of employee time and attendance, from the scanner or reader used to record clock in time to the direct link with payroll. The software will create a fully automated solution which all employees can use, even from offsite areas via secure internet connections.

How it works

Accurate clocking in and out data is provided in real time on a PC, directly from the clock in point, which could be card activated or run by biometric recognition. Live payroll reports can be run as well as real time information about employee attendance. The reports generated can be used to create an accurate overview of the workforce and assist with future planning.

Clocking in software provides many benefits for your business:

  • A fair and accurate system for clocking in and out promotes equality in the workplace.
  • Speeds up the clocking in and out process. No more signing in and out or manual punching of a clock.
  • With biometric readers, there are no more cards or passes to carry round and potentially loose. Fingerprint or hand readers offer greater security and prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Automated reports to payroll, ensuring wages are paid accurately and on time, including any overtime worked.
  • Less administration and data input for HR and accounting staff.
  • Improved personnel planning means that areas are never understaffed.
  • Certain time clock software packages will incorporate mobile readers and different types of employee time clocks that can be used together. This means that multi-location businesses and roaming employees can still benefit from the system.