EPOS SYSTEMS:  Compare & Save up to 30%!
EPOS SYSTEMS: Compare & Save up to 30%!
Compare suppliers of EPOS systems for Point of sales, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias. Compare suppliers of EPOS systems for Point of sales, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias.

Cash register scale

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Cash register scales must be fast, reliable, accurate and meet strict legal requirements.  Weight-price or check-out scales – discover the various models and our tips for making the right choice.

Cash register scales are used to weigh fruit and vegetables when checking out. They can also be used for clothing or accessories (beads, hardware, etc.) sold by weight. Some businesses decide to use self-service scales so that customers can weigh their purchases themselves. However, leaving this job to the cashier helps to avoid errors and fraud.

The various models of cash register scales

  Weight-price scales can be connected to a cash register software programme or work independently. We call them weight-price scales because they indicate the price according to the weight of the product.

  Check-out scales have a weighing platform and a display and must be associated with cash register software

Three tips for choosing your cash register scales:

  Check that the weight supported (minimum and maximum) is compatible with your activity.

  Weighing is governed by strict legislation so opting for scales certified to the country's standards is recommended.

  For your cash register scales to be used with your cash register software, the latter must be weight and measure approved.

Cash register scales – how much do they cost?

Cash register scales may come as part of an "all-inclusive package" or be purchased separately. Prices start from around 300 GBP and the best-selling models can be purchased for around 650 GBP.

If you have a limited budget, you can opt for buying a second-hand cash register. Contact a specialist service provider who can guarantee the condition of the equipment. As for price, plan to spend around 30% less than on new equipment.

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