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EPOS: The rfid reader: what you need to know

Reading time: 2 mins

rfid reader

What is a rfid reader?

  • A 'Radio-frequency identification' reader.
  • It quickly and securely transmits your customer's banking data to their bank for authorisation, and, once this has occurred, transfers funds to you all in a matter of moments
  • There are several benefits of using a rfid reader in B2B transactions, for both buyers and sellers

When is a rfid reader used by businesses?

Rfid readers are used at the Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS). This is the moment when the customer's purchase is completed, your goods or services are passed to them, and their funds are passed to you.
Rfid readers can be used either online as part of web based sales, or by using mobile card readers. The latter are hand held devices which enable a customer to insert or swipe their debit or credit card to make a payment .

What are the benefits for buyers?

  • Security: the knowledge that their banking details are kept safe and secret by the latest technology
  • Efficiency. Research shows that customers are likely to abandon a transaction without completing their purchase if the purchasing process takes too long. Using a rfid reader eliminates this issue.
  • A rfid reader is very user friendly; customers can feel at ease paying with them at all times
  • Rfid readers work with all major banks, so your customers will have no problem using them, whoever they bank with.

What are the benefits for sellers?

  • Using a rfid reader increases your business's revenue by increasing the number of satisfied customers that your business attracts.
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Adaptable: choose chip and pin readers, or opt for a reader that offers additional contactless payment options for instance.
  • Safe and secure: protect your banking details, and thus your business's funds.
  • Rfid readers work with all major banks, so you as a business will have no problem using them, whoever you bank with.
  • A rfid reader eliminates the need to rely on a slow and cumbersome telephone line: the source of many problems for businesses when it comes to EPOS

What kinds of businesses will find rfid reader technology useful?

  • Any business that makes B2B transactions whether online or in person.
  • Any business valuing speed and efficiency.
  • Any business seeking an effective, simple way to maximise revenue by satisfying customers

Streamline EPOS with a rfid reader and more customers will flock to your business

Many customers are put off by lengthy and difficult purchasing processes, often abandoning their purchases mid transaction if it becomes too much hassle. A rfid reader will ensure that customers can pay for their products with a single swipe of a card, and what could be easier than that?

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