Fuel Card with NO Transaction Or Account Fee To Pay.
Fuel Card with NO Transaction Or Account Fee To Pay.
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Fuel Cards: Choosing your fuel card: fixed price or pump price

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With a fixed-price card your fuel rate for the chosen period (usually a week) is fixed in advance, and doesn’t change even if retail prices shift during the period. With pump-price fuel cards you pay what the station sign says, which may change from day to day. 

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Comparing fixed- and pump-price fuel cards

Your fuel rate may also be affected by whether you choose to take advantage of greater or lesser network coverage. The size and type of your business should dictate these decisions.

Fixed-price fuel cards

Pump-price fuel cards

Suitable for?

Aimed predominantly at hauliers and high mileage businesses.

All businesses which incur driving costs.

How are savings made?

Diesel is guaranteed at the weekly nationwide wholesale price. Sometimes called a bulk or bunker, drivers are guaranteed the cheapest prices. Some fuel cards will offer this for petrol as well.

Special offers, loyalty schemes and competitive pump prices.


Cheaper fuel (usually 2-3p per-liter below national average). Easy to use and track spending. Many participating filling stations in the network are also specially equipped truck stops with facilities for long distance drivers.

Excellent network coverage of stations and competitive pricing on both petrol and diesel. Quick, hassle-free and easy to use.  Large variety of fuel cards and contracts to choose from.


Smaller network of participating filling stations. However, these are strategically placed on main roads and motorways, ensuring that the needs of most long-distance drivers are well-served.

Savings are made through offers and loyalty schemes rather than wholesale fuel prices. However, other benefits apply such as a greater choice of petrol stations.

Provided by?

Major fuel companies such as Keyfuels, Texaco and BP. Check for Bunker deals.

All major fuel companies such as Shell and Esso as well as independent agents.

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