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Fuel Cards : Practical questions about business fuel card costs

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fuel card costs

What costs do business fuel cards carry, other than the cost of fuel?

Some fuel card companies restrict you to their forecourt network, so you may have to travel out of your way if you prefer a forecourt that’s not in the network. In addition there may be minimum purchase requirements (£200 per month is typical), so think hard before taking a business fuel card if your mileage is light.

Other possible costs include:

  • Administration fees to set up an account
  • An annual card fee
  • Release fees to break contract before end of agreement
  • Monthly or annual account management fees
  • Fraudulent transaction fees

What sort of limits can you place on your company fuel card?

Most fuel card providers offer the ability to restrict purchases to fuel only, so that drivers cannot pay for snacks and drinks with the company fuel card. You can also limit individual cards by fuel type, such as diesel only or unleaded only. Business fuel cards can also be linked to specific drivers or vehicles or a combination of the two.

Can you use your business fuel card beyond the UK?

Fuel cards are available for both domestic and continental usage. Large fleet operators may carry UK-only fuel cards for domestic routes as well as cards that provide access to filling stations in continental Europe.