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When you manage a company, all revenue depends on the business functioning as it should. An accident, natural disaster, faulty workmanship or harm caused to a third party can quickly put the company at risk. That's why you need to protect yourself from the risks you are exposed to. Today, administrative procedures are simpler. Most company managers find their professional insurance online by simply requesting a quote.
But you still need to decide which professional insurance to take out.  
To do so, you should remember that some insurance is mandatory depending on the business sector you are in.  


  • Ten-year builder’s guarantee:

This insurance may be optional but is mandatory for construction professionals. Its role is to cover the defects and damage that may affect a construction in its first ten years.  

  • Professional liability insurance

Regulated professions are subject to professional liability insurance. It provides cover for harm to a third party that occurs in the course of the activity.  

  • Company health insurance

Finally, it is important to remember that, since the ANI law, managers are required to offer a health mutual to their employees.  

  • Car insurance

Does your business include a vehicle fleet? Remember to insure your vehicles as well, with a customised contract!

There are also other types of so-called "optional" professional insurance, which may be useful.  

  • Legal protection.  

When you know that a poorly drafted contract can lead to being summoned before the courts, it's better to be well-prepared. Taking out legal protection means you can cover as much as possible of the costs related to disputes.

  • Providence and daily allowances

For professionals who wish to build up savings or have contingency funds available, provident insurance and daily allowance insurance are available. The latter protects your income in the event of prolonged absence from work.  

Now that you know all there is to know about professional insurance, all you need to do is find the policies best suited to your business!  
Want to simplify the process? Enter your requirements on our website and quickly compare offers from several professional insurers. Finding professional insurance online is becoming more and more common. Requesting an online quote is fast and more practical when it comes to comparing insurers.

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