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Merchant services: Credit Card Software Systems for your Business

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Credit card software makes it possible to accept credit card payments from your customers on-site, using your business computer or using an online payment system for purchases and transactions. You probably already realise the importance of offering a facility for credit card payments from your customers, but which methods are best, which types of software maximise profits and which credit card software offers the best value for money? Is it better to buy a terminal or can you simply make use of your computer and a good credit card software system?

The Advantages of Credit Card Systems

Credit card software includes payment gateways, PC software and Point-of-Sale payment software. Your business computer can be a powerful tool for electronic payment systems. At present there are two ways in which you can accept credit or debit cards to pay for goods and services. Swiping a card through a terminal which is connected to a cash register offers an easy way to process credit and debit card payments which is safe and fast. A second option is to accept credit card payments using credit card software which is installed on your desktop computer. If you choose to add credit card software processing systems to your payment systems you will require a separate computer terminal to process payments.

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Which System is Right for You?

If you already use a Point-of-Sale system it is often easier to invest in a payment terminal which can be connected to the cash register. Using a credit card software system adds a second step to your transaction as you will need to access both computers. Online businesses will require credit card software which acts as a virtual terminal for customer purchases. Checkout and shopping cart facilities are usually bundled with this type of credit card software. Purchases are paid for when your customers type in their information and inventory, purchases and profits are tracked using this type of credit card software. If your business offers clients both online and in-store sales, you may find it useful to run both types of payment facilities. If you offer services on-the-move, you may find it ideal to run a terminal attached to a mobile phone and an online credit card software system for customers who wish to pay in advance. A third option is to make use of a merchant service which offers and keeps a record of both types of payments in a spreadsheet which is provided to you.

Do I need Software as Well as In-store Payment Facilities?

Basic storefront businesses don't necessarily require a credit card software system to process customer payments, but companies which sell products on the Internet, will find a good credit card software system indispensable. Many contemporary businesses offer brick and mortar stores as well as online goods and services and in this case you will generally need to run a credit card terminal for in-store customers and comprehensive credit card software systems to accept online payments and transactions.

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