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Merchant services: What is Chip and Pin?

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Chip and Pin mobile card machines are a key piece of equipment for today's successful businesses and professionals. It gives your business the freedom to accept immediate payment from customers and clients using credit and debit cards from any location. Mobile Chip and Pin terminals are a safe and secure way to process those payments while on the move, giving you complete flexibility and peace of mind.

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Mobile Chip and Pin's Safe and Secure Processing

Utilising PDQ technology mobile card terminals access the computer chip from credit and debit cards and use the cardholder's personal identification number (Pin) to validate each transaction. Chip and Pin machines are widely used and will reassure customers that your payment method is a secure and trusted method. The transactions by Chip and Pin are immediately authorised and payment is made directly into your business bank account generally within 2-3 days.

The mobile Chip and Pin payment terminals are wireless allowing you to process the customers payment at the point of sale. Duplicate receipts are printed out for each transaction so that you and the customer have an itemised copy with all the necessary payment details. Mobile card payment machines are compact, reliable, robust and user-friendly; they create a professional image when offered to customers to input their Pin. An additional plus for many businesses is that it greatly reduces the need to carry large amounts of cash which is always a security concern and often inconvenient.

What is Chip and Pin mobile payment method's biggest advantages?

There are in fact many advantages for professional business users who opt for the Chip and Pin method of mobile payments by credit cards. Firstly, the instant authorised Chip and Pin payments dramatically reduce the risk of bad debts, bounced cheques and ultimately help keep your business cash flow healthy. It can reduce your admin by eliminating the need to dispatch invoices and chase overdue payments, Chip and Pin transactions ensure you receive your money faster and more efficiently. Whether you are a company manager, professional consultant, retail outlet or small business owner having the ability to offer a secure Chip and Pin method for credit and debit card payments is a great time and money saver.

Furthermore, they can help improve turnover by attracting new customers and turn casual browsers into paying customers with your quick and easy Chip and Pin payment facilities. Converting the impulse buyer is often the salesman's biggest challenge; offering payment by credit card can be far more effective than cash, its one less barrier for your potential customer. Figures have shown that offering a secure payment for all types of credit and debit cards has been increased sales for merchant traders by up to 30%.

The ability to trade while away from your office could transform your business model. There is no need for a fixed phone or broadband connection as the Chip and Pin terminals operate wherever a trusted mobile network signal (either GPRS or GSM signal) can be obtained. Chip and Pin mobile payments thus allow you to make the most of face to face interaction with business clients, whether you are at a trading event or on the customer's doorstep. There are a large range of innovative Chip and Pin terminals on the market from a variety of suppliers; selecting the right one can be a bit daunting. To ensure you make the most informed choice and compare the range of portable payment solutions request a free quote tailored to your needs.