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BT Business phone systems

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As the largest telecom provider in the UK, BT has been building up a very complete series of services and plans, tailor-made for businesses. BT business phone systems are sourced from various manufacturers and can be either cloud-based or on premise, and are shipped by BT under various configurations depending on the chosen plan in these two categories.

BT business phone systems using cloud-based technology

These cloud-based plans do not require the installation of specific hardware, other than the phones which are supplied by BT. Each system will better match the needs of a specific type of business, depending on the number of users.

BT Cloud phone

Cloud phone is a simple BT business phone system using VOIP for companies with up to 9 users. All the system is fully hosted so there is no need to install anything apart from the phones. Phones are plug-and-play devices, with call management features similar to those provided by traditional phone systems like routing, call forwarding, transfers, screening, voicemail etc. Audio conferencing is available and free internal calls are included. Plans start at £13 per month per user, and a variety of IP Phones from various manufacturers can be selected - at extra cost.

BT Cloud voice

BT Cloud voice is more suited to businesses with 10 users and above. Plan features are set either at group level or at user level, and may include unified communications.

BT One Phone

BT One Phone plans are specially designed for business with more than 15 users, and puts a strong focus on mobility. Basically, the user’s desk and mobile phones are replaced with one single device, which can switch between mobile and office networks seamlessly, thereby allowing fixed-mobile convergence.

 BT Business phone systems

On-premise phone systems

BT business phone systems also come in on-premise versions for businesses willing to keep control of their equipment, or not yet fully ready for cloud-based systems.

BT Quantum

Quantum is the entry-level BT business phone system with on-premise installation, designed to work with up to 48 users. Features such as proactive remote monitoring, single contact number working on both the mobile phone and landline, IP phone connection from anywhere capability, integrated voicemail are included. A range of digital, DECT, IP phones or softphones is available in the options list.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is a mid-range offer, with a VOIP hybrid system which can work on VOIP or traditional lines. This system uses phones and hardware by Avaya, a reputed manufacturer of unified communications equipment. This is a unified communications plan bringing calls, messaging, conferencing and customer management into the same system.

MiVoice Business

MiVoice Business is the top-of-the-line BT business phone system. Thousands of users can be supported on these PBX using hardware made by Mitel. As a unified communications plan, voicemail is also delivered directly into the email inbox. Features include intelligent call handling, remote worker capability and proactive remote monitoring for true 24/7 servicing operations when needed.