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Reception phone system?

Question asked by Oliver Collins

Hello. I'm a dentist and my reception staff fields multiple phone calls every day. I urgently need a telephone system. What sort of system should I get? Can you give me some advice please?

response from John Englund

To better respond to calls from your patients I advise you to install a VoIP business telephone system at you reception desk. This type of solution provides several features that will improve the efficiency of your service, including the capability to manage your patient database from your mobile phone, record calls, and even video conference with your patients. Just fill out our questionnaire and our agreed suppliers will call you within 48 hours!

response from

You don't really need a phone system for this as this can be done with an overlay from your current system. A hosted IVR server should be able to manage the calls for you and put them through once you have availability. Cut out the expense of hardware and begin to use cloud based solutions.

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