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Telecoms providers: Telecom providers in the UK

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Since the deregulations of the telecommunications market in the late 1980s, and as new technologies have been entering the market, telecom providers in the UK have kept mushrooming. Business customers are key sources of revenues for these companies, and allow several niche customers, thriving on a specific technology product or geographical area, to coexist with large national telecom providers in the UK.

 Telecom providers UK

Major telecom providers in the UK

Major telecom providers in the UK have at some point all been providing landline, mobile and broadband internet services to businesses and/or private customers. The problem is that decades of mergers, demergers and various capital operations have made their product portfolio change many times. Here’s what we know about these major brands as far as business services are concerned, and as of early 2016.


BT is the historical telecommunications provider, former sole operator, and it still manages internet, mobile and landline services for businesses.


Vodafone is the clear number 2 in the market and encompasses all possible telecommunication services to businesses.


Formerly Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, formerly known as Everything Everywhere, and very recently taken over by BT, it is unclear whether business services will still be using the name EE in the very near future.

Three UK

Three UK specialises in 3G and 4G mobile phone plans, but also on practical mobile broadband plans using dongles, SIM cards or portable Wifi devices.


O2 still does landline, mobile and broadband plans, although the brand is owned by different companies depending on the product.


Virgin does mobile phone plans - as an MVNO - and broadband plans using their own optical fibre network.


TalkTalk is a broadband services provider only but has some business-specific products.


Specialised B2B telecom providers in the UK

An interesting fact is that besides the aforementioned giants, many small players coexist, thriving on niche market often related to specific technologies. In fact, it is not very difficult to be registered as a telecommunications operator. Some of these alternatives telecom providers in the UK even have their own infrastructures and network. Almost all of them focus on the B2B market.

VOIP providers

VOIP service providers can install complete phone systems, including IP PBX systems for their business customers, using all necessary hardware - they sometimes have deals or partnerships with main VOIP equipment manufacturers. VOIP providers in the UK include companies such as Tpad, Neuwise communications, Kesher Communications, VOIP4Cloud UK, Voicebooth, AstraQom, and others.

SIP Trunking  providers

SIP Trunking providers are specialised in Sip trunking technologies and represent interesting choices for small call centres as they provide everything needed to launch telemarketing campaigns including geographical phone numbers and a capacity to make thousands of simultaneous calls using the same line connected to the internet. Providers include companies such as 1comms, Tel2, Avoxi, Blue Telecoms, Aloha Connect, Direct VOIP, Tekara, Virtual Voice Connect...