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Telecoms providers: Vodafone for business - more than a mobile carrier

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Mostly known by UK consumers as a mobile phone carrier, Vodafone offers a wider range of services to business customers. Under the umbrella slogan “Ready Business”, a complete unified communications offering provides businesses with 4G mobile lines, business landlines and dedicated internet, with interesting options such as sharer plans and in-building coverage solutions.

A mobile carrier going the extra mile for businesses

Vodafone has developed many services for businesses going much further than simple mobile phone plans.

Business premier plans

Business premier plans are the carrier’s top products for business customers.

All plans boast dedicated UK-based “Prime Contact” which can be reached by phone or chat for support, and features such as free calls from Europe, free international calls from the UK and damage insurance.

Sharer plans

The interesting innovation lays with sharer plans, which allow one global data allowance to be shared by several collaborators within a company.

- The Red+ plan allow the data allowance to be shared by up to 10 of your employees or devices

- Red Sharer allows even more employees and devices to share the same allowance, with the options to set individual data limits, or control employees’ access.

In-Building coverage solutions

Another interesting service by Vodafone is to help companies get the best mobile coverage within their offices, with a series of in-building coverage solutions.

- Macro is a tower-type structure to be mounted on existing rooftops or masts;

- Pico cells will be used in public places like stadiums;

- Cell Enhancer is a mix of internal and external antennae to provide a stronger signal;

- Sure Signal Premium and Sure Signal Plus connect the company’s data network to Vodafone’s nodes, or to femto cells.

 Vodafone for business

Fixed networks with added benefits for businesses

Vodafone also offers analogue and digital landline phone services for businesses.

Business features

Vodafone provides companies with heavy-duty, hi tech features such as PSTN, ISDN and SIP services to match calling requirements, in a widerange of call plans and packages.

One net business

The One net business service enables companies to integrate fixed line, mobile, desktop and tablet connectivity all on one system so that every relevant contact within the organization can be reached whether he is on the move or in the office, on the same phone number, with advanced call routing or forwarding features.

And now, Vodafone as an Internet Services Provider

For its business customers, Vodafone also offers internet broadband services.

A dedicated internet connection for better performance....

In all their business plans, the internet connection is always be a dedicated one.

This has several advantages :

- Customers get 100% of the bandwidth they pay for, as the line is not shared;

- There are no restrictions based on monthly usage or special charges for large files, application or server-side developments;

- Businesses get to choose the actual bandwidth and speed they need, with a “burst” to cope with unexpected demand surges.

... and stronger security

Dedicated internet connections also mean added security:

- 24/7 support and service monitoring guarantee maximum uptime;

- Various security options such as DDoS protection, email security, internet proxy services, or managed firewalls can be configured.