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Vending machines: Hot drinks vending machines

Reading time: 1 mins

A free coffee vending machine is a simple way to welcome clients in style. The type of coffee machine that you have will also say a lot about your business and how you feel about your customers.


Easy access to hot beverages

A hot drinks vending machine offering coffee, tea or hot chocolate is a great investment in workers’ productivity. Most employees will take advantage of an easy opportunity to grab a caffeinated drink to start the day, and many will return for another after lunch or in late afternoon. It is no secret that coffee and tea provide an alertness boost, which may contribute to steady productivity throughout the day.

Whereas at one time office coffee meant a crusty machine churning out bitter black swill, today the market features a broad selection of sleek vending machines that produce high-quality espresso, cappuccino, and other specialty beverages. Competition among suppliers is stiff, so these state-of-the-art vending machines and the services that back them are surprisingly affordable. So, for a relatively small investment, you can offer your employees a productivity enhancer disguised as a special treat.

There are several features that you should insist on for your coffee vending machine:

  • Coffee vending machines that clean themselves at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Machines that offer different cup sizes.
  • A range of coffee options like latté, cappuccino or mocha.
  • Machines that offer different strengths of coffee to suit all customers.
  • Electronic messages and touch displays.
  • Price change facilities, including free vend.
  • Lockable base cabinets to store ingredients, cups and cleaning products.