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Vending machines: Snacks vending machines

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Whether your office is large or small, it is staffed by people who may need a calorie boost at mid-morning or mid-afternoon. If you happen to be located in an area surrounded by shops then your employees can step out and grab a quick snack. Otherwise a snack vending machine in the office will allow them to satisfy their snacking urge and get back to work in a hurry.


Types of snack machines

Sandwich vending machines are ideal for offices that do not have a staff canteen or cafes nearby. Staff can buy a fresh sandwich for lunch without having to go far from their desk. There are even models which make toasted sandwiches.

Chocolate vending machines are often used in businesses that have a steady footfall of customers, such as airports, as well as in large offices that want to offer staff a variety of snacks. These kinds of snack machines can also be stocked with other kinds of food, like crisps and sweets.

Hot food vending machines serve main meals that are frozen and loaded into the machine, and then heated in microwaves. These kinds of machines are less common, but can be a good solution for businesses, such as hospitals, which have customers and staff in need of a hot meal at different times of the day.

Snacks and drinks vending machines can be the perfect solution for businesses with limited space. By choosing one model that vends both drinks and snacks, it means you don’t have to find the space (and money) for more than one machine.

Advantages of snack vending machines in the office

  • Allow employees to satisfy hunger pangs at any time without leaving the office
  • Increase productivity by providing staff with convenient in-office lunch choices
  • Offer snacking options to employees staying late in the office
  • Demonstrate hospitality to visitors and customers

For businesses with many employees, high capacity vending machines will make the lost sense. This will limit the need for frequent refilling. Small businesses may find a small machine more cost effective. An alternative option is to choose more than one kind of vending machine, to serve various needs. This will usually cost more, but will offer a greater variety of choice. It is possible to hire snack machines as well as buy snack machines.