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Vending machines: Purchasing a vending machine

Reading time: 2 mins

Buying a vending machine without an after sales-package can incur unnecessary hassle after it has been installed.


If your company is willing to be flexible as to whether you to buy or hire a vending machine, some aspects of a sale to consider are:

Is the vending machine for sale fully functional? If a machine is bought from someone other than a proper supplier of commercial or office vending machines, there is a chance that if the machine were to break down there would be no warranty agreement and the repairs would be at your expense. This would push the cost of vending machines higher over time, above and beyond the initial outlay. This can be avoidable by purchasing your vending machine from a reputable supplier, most of whom will provide servicing and maintenance included with your after-care package.

Is the type of food vending machine or drinks dispenser compatible with the products you want for your business? There are some brands of vending machines that will only accept certain products. It is therefore important to take your employee preferences into account, as even if there is a vending machine for sale at a very competitive price, it will be a waste of money if it only stocks products that are of no interest to your staff.

Will my company get after sale care? This depends on where you obtain your office vending machine from. As mentioned earlier, if you buy from a disreputable supplier, not only would you be responsible for all maintenance and repair costs, you would also have to restock the machine with products yourself. Dedicated suppliers that sell or rent a vending machine to you usually take care of the supply of goods for sale in the snack machines and drinks dispensers. It is often easier and more cost-effective to have your vending machine maintained and restocked by the same supplier who provided the machine.