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Water coolers : Maintaining your office water dispenser

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Maintaining the quality of drinking water provided by your office water cooler or dispenser requires a regular but simple routine.

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Easy office water dispenser maintenance

  • Office water coolers and dispensers should always be unplugged before refilling or carrying out maintenance
  • Using harsh or abrasive cleaning products may damage your office water dispenser, so for daily spot cleaning wipe down with antibacterial cleaning wipes, or use hot water and a mild soap and rinse thoroughly
  • Strip your water dispenser down every 4-6 weeks for deep cleaning with a bleach solution and rinse thoroughly
  • Wipe it down with a solution of hot water and a little bleach (Hypochlorite Solution at 100ppm) and rinsed thoroughly at least once a week
  • If you have a fixed-water container it needs to be cleaned regularly with a solution of water and bleach, and the components such as the drip tray immersed in a bleach solution for several minutes, then rinse all components thoroughly under the kitchen tap
  • Your water cooler supplier will include a six-monthly sanitising in a service contract – and you can also buy a sanitizing kit for your water cleaner.