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Water coolers

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Why are office water coolers so necessary? Health experts recommend eight large glasses of water a day, in part because dehydration can reduce our ability to think clearly and even lead to faintness. Dehydrated employees will obviously not be very productive. But nipping to the corner shop for a bottle of water takes them away from their work, and you don’t want that either. So what to do? Simple: install a water cooler in your office!

office water cooler

Office water coolers: a convenient source of well-being

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 requires UK employers to provide employees with an “adequate supply of wholesome drinking water”, preferably from the mains water supply and with bottled water as a secondary supply.

Water coolers and dispensers for office use are available in a wide range of styles including countertop, freestanding, under-the-counter or wall-mounted installations. Water can either be plumbed-in or delivered in large bottles that fit into a dispenser. In the latter case the supplier contract includes an arrangement to deliver refills to your premises at regular intervals.

For businesses equipped with a descaler fitted to the cold water inlet pipe, a plumbed-in water dispenser offers a limitless source of drinking water at no extra cost for the water itself – and no issues of storing, changing or disposing of water bottles. Plumbed-in water coolers have integral filters that purify mains-fed water by filtering out lime scale and chemicals such as chlorine.

Anywhere that people gather

Water coolers and dispensers are suitable for office spaces and also for conference rooms, meeting areas, hotels, schools, hospitals – in fact anywhere that people gather.

Office water coolers are also perfect for small businesses with modest kitchen facilities, with some models taking up only a single square foot of space. Dispensers with integrated water heating systems offer the option of hot drinks made quickly and hygienically without the hassle of filling kettles and waiting for them to boil.

Several UK suppliers propose a wide range of water coolers and dispensers for offices, so all you need to do is determine your need, seek advice and quotes from reliable water cooler suppliers, compare their offers and make your choice. To your health!