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What is a business insurance?

Businesses of all forms, from small and medium enterprises to large multinational corporations, and even sole traders, naturally have different needs than individual customers, and therefore do not require the same kinds of services. This is also true for insurance products. All insurance products specially designed for businesses are therefore grouped in the general category of business insurance. But when we get into more precise details, what is business insurance?


Depending on what exactly the individual insurance policies cover, business insurance can cover different elements such as:

- the customers with public liability insurance;

- the employees with employer’s liability insurance, key person insurance, business travel insurance;

- the equipment with tool insurance, business contents insurance, business equipment insurance;

- the goods with business stock insurance, goods in transit insurance;

- the premises with building insurance;

- the business activity with professional liability insurance, business interruption insurance and credit insurance…

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Also, several of these various types of business insurance can be grouped in packages or bundles aimed at catering for the specific needs of businesses in specific industries:

- self-employed insurance,

- shop insurance;

- tradesman insurance,

- restaurant insurance.

And many more…

This guide is here to tell you more about exactly what is business insurance, under all its forms, and let you know about how to choose the best insurance policy to match the actual needs of your company, with hints about how to get the best prices.


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