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Can I choose my professional phone number?

Making your choice

Deregulation of the telecoms industry has resulted in a much wider freedom of choice for every user, including business users, for about anything that relates to the telephone service. Business users may therefore now choose their professional phone number in three different ways.


First, they may simply want to choose to keep their professional phone number even if they switch telecoms providers. This is now possible thanks to local number portability.


Then, they may want to get a non geographic phone number. These phone numbers are especially useful professional phone numbers for nationwide or international businesses, as they do not indicate where the business is physically located. These can also be selected for value-added services, as some numbers are reserved for paying phone services like phone gambling, games, or basically anything. If you want your clients to pay when they call you, you simply can choose any available 08, 084, 087, 09 or 118 number.

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Finally, business users may want to choose a specific geographic professional phone number for a number of reasons. This can be because they want to show to their clients that they are located near them, when in fact it’s not the case. With the rise of IP telephony, and especially Sip trunking, pools of hundreds of geographical phone numbers are available for use by any business, allowing them to change their number anytime they please, while showing they are staying in a designated geographical area.


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