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How can I change my phone and Internet provider?

As long as phone service or internet connection are concerned, to change provider always seems to be a stressful experience - especially for business customers. Anguished customers often worry about keeping their phone number, and minimising the no-service time to a minimum, possibly zero, when they change providers.


This has become much simpler now, thanks to new regulations set by Ofcom forcing telecom providers to make the operation as smooth as possible.

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However, customers have to make sure they do things right when they change provider, especially with internet broadband or triple play providers:

- Customers should first check if they are still in the original contractual period - usually twelve months after signature;

- If not, they should know they will have to pay early termination fees, representing a fraction of the monthly charge for every outstanding month until normal contract termination;

- Sending a registered letter with acknowledged receipt is the safest way to make sure the demand will be heard;

- This may have to be done for each service in a triple play or quadruple play offer even if they are sold as a package.


Two processes may be used:

- gaining provider led process, which means the new provider does everything;

- cease and re-provide process, meaning the customer will have to coordinate termination of the old service and kick-off of the new one.


Customers willing to change provider for the mobile phone service may want to keep their phone number, and will have to ask for a migration authorisation code to help number portability.


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