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How to choose your telecom provider?

Telecommunication services have become incredibly plentiful and complex. Engaged in a bitter price war, telecom providers are making it difficult to compare the price of their services and plans, first, because the services offered are never quite exactly the same, then, because the pricing model is made to look different. But at the end of the day, customers realise that all prices look pretty much the same, so price is not necessarily the best element to choose the best telecom provider.


Business users should first clearly define their needs to know exactly what they expect from their telecom provider: exactly what services, what features, and for how many collaborators.


Not all telecom providers propose exactly the same services, for the same customers. So whether it’s for Sip Trunking over dedicated or leased lines, or if it’s for VDSL or SDSL broadband internet, or if it’s for an IP PBX working with your specific IP Phones, make sure you ask the right questions, and the list of available telecom providers to choose from will probably shrink. If business users are not familiar with all the new products and services related to modern telecommunications, this very guide will be a very handy first point of reference to help you choose your telecom provider.

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Just exactly where you are also has its implications, as some providers will deliver services with limited geographical availability like fibre internet to your place, and others will not.


Evaluating the dependability and reaction speed of customer service is also a key factor, especially for business users who need fast, reliable answers and service when something goes wrong with their installation, as the survival of their business just depends on it.


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