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What are the services provided by telecom providers for businesses?

With the introduction of internet telephony, VOIP and many other technologies, together with the deregulation of telecommunications, telecom providers have never had as many products and services to offer to businesses. These services can be grouped into four main areas: landline services, mobile services and internet services.


Landline services provided by telecom providers have considerably evolved. Telecom providers are no longer content with simply plugging their business clients to the old traditional phone network and giving them a number, they can do much more.

Installing a complete, modern enterprise telephony system, like a private branch exchange or PBX system, together with the necessary hardware, software, servicing and maintenance is now a must. Non geographical phone numbers are other interesting products.

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Mobile services provided by telecom providers include mobile lines, phones and plans. But for more demanding business clients, this also involves the opportunity to setup and install mobile PBX systems and complex mobile fleet management systems capable of handling app management and push notification over a secure enterprise mobile network.

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Internet services provided by telecom include broadband internet services. Available connection standards include ADSL, now ADSL2 or ADSL2+, but also SDSL, VDSL and fibre internet based on availability.


But the most interesting aspect of this new generation of services is that they are so heavily intertwined. Providing an internet connection means that telecom operators may provide internet telephony services, together with IP PBX systems, Sip trunking, geographical and non geographical numbers, and even fixed-mobile convergence across the office.


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