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What does vehicle tracking systems for professionals mean?

What is a vehicle tracking system

Available in a wide range of prices, vehicle tracking systems can rely on several different technologies:

-  GPS technology, with dedicated beacons,

-  Mobile networks technology, by triangulation,

-  A mixture of the two, when a smartphone equipped with these technologies is used as a beacon.


The most popular company car tracking systems, or systems used to track any other vehicle used for professional purposes, are systems using positioning by GPS technology.

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How vehicle tracking systems work with GPS technology depends on the number of modules and software included, as well as the type of subscription for the necessary services:

-  The essential element of any vehicle tracking system is the GPS unit, or GPS beacon, or even GPS tracer, also called “black box”. This sensor installed in the vehicle regularly connects to the satellites of the Global Positioning System to determine the exact location of the vehicle in which it is installed;

-  Certain additional modules are also connected to the vehicle's control centres to read data related to speed, acceleration, critical temperatures, etc.;

-  This data and the vehicle’s positioning are recorded in an internal memory and/or transmitted almost in real time by mobile networks (for units equipped with a SIM card);

-  Depending on the vehicle tracking system chosen, data is sent in continuous flow and in near real time to the software, or at the request of the supervisor.

-  Secure servers collect and decrypt this data;

-  Thanks to dedicated software solutions, which for the most sophisticated are akin to real vehicle fleet management software, supervisors can view the vehicle’s data and positioning.


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