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Why does your business need a vehicle tracking system?

If you run a business with a large fleet of vehicles, such as a delivery company, taxi firm or logistics business, a vehicle tracking system is an invaluable investment.


vehicle tracking system

Want to know where all your business vehicles are at any one time? Provide more accurate delivery or pick up times for customers? Pinpoint the exact location of your fleet? Increase vehicle security? You can achieve all of this and more with a business vehicle tracking solution.


Advantages of vehicle tracking systems

The plus points are hard to miss:

  • Save time and money working out where your business vehicles are
  • Improve internal communication with drivers
  • Know the precise location of commercial vehicles so you can update customers on any delays and give more accurate timings
  • Check that company drivers are performing duties as directed, are driving safely and that no unauthorised mileage is being used
  • Ability to trace stolen cars or vans, aiding with recovery and prosecution
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Ensure drivers are using the most efficient routes with inbuilt navigation devices, which will help to minimise petrol costs – a very real concern for small businesses
  • Live traffic reports can save considerable time and money by avoiding accidents and jams
  • Get easy-to-view data and mapping


What type of business would benefit?

Any business that owns a fleet of vehicles will benefit from implementing a tracking system. With petrol costs rising and businesses having to meet stringent carbon emission legislation, tracking business vehicles is the perfect tool to reduce costs, improve economy and boost productivity. Businesses with large fleets to manage will also dramatically improve administration and communication. Even small contractors with a couple of vans can benefit from the added security, knowledge that their vehicles are being used for purpose and zip through bad traffic to ensure units are always on time for an appointment. A vehicle tracking system really is the perfect all round business solution.

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