VEHICLE TRACKINGCompare quotes from top suppliers & Save up to 30% on your transport costs!
Compare quotes from top suppliers & Save up to 30% on your transport costs!
Equip your fleet of vehicles at the best price
and track it in real time on your Smartphone and PC
Equip your fleet of vehicles at the best priceand track it in real time on your Smartphone and PC

Tracking: A guide to using your car tracking system

Reading time: 2 mins

One of the most frequent questions asked about car tracking devices is how hard they are to use. Because of all the GPS technology and satellites involved, you may be forgiven for thinking that it is a costly and difficult system. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

car tracking system

Your business might choose to install a car tracking system for a number of reasons:

  • Tracking systems for cars allow cost-effective security measures for theft prevention and retrieval
  • Accurate fleet management and asset tracking
  • Improved scheduling of deliveries
  • Monitoring of driver behaviour to improve bad habits
  • Accurate information for transport services, such as taxis or buses
  • Improved productivity through accurate mapping and route services

No matter what the size of your fleet, a business vehicle tracking system will certainly increase efficiency, develop communication and most importantly, save you money. And the good news is that car tracking technology is easy to install and run, so you can get started straightaway.

Car tracking systems are user friendly

Trackers for cars involve almost no effort to use, simply set it up see the benefits roll in:

  • Installation. All participating vehicles will need to have a transmitter installed. Always make sure your supplier and installer meets UK trade association standards (in this case the Federation of Communication Services) to guarantee quality, workmanship and compliance with your insurer’s regulations. Vehicle tracking systems can be hidden discreetly in numerous places in the car, without any aerials or other tell-tale signs. Once you have entered into an agreement with a supplier, the car tracking device will usually be securely couriered out to you. All you have to do is arrange an appointment for installation. This will only take a few minutes per car and the installer will test your system on site.
  • The driver doesn’t need to do anything to run their car trackers as it will work automatically, meaning no fiddly controls or user error.
  • The controllers back at base pick up the data being relayed. This is accessed through a secure Website or computer software which allows them to see maps and reports (which can be viewed in a range of easy to read formats). Information can also be accessed on smartphones and tablets via apps or an Internet connection. The controller can choose to actively engage with the tracking system by setting reminders for services or insurance renewal dates, establishing vehicle operating limits and arranging security breach notifications (which can be sent via text or email).
  • Servicing. A good supplier will offer maintenance, service and monitoring packages to ensure your car tracking system is always performing correctly.

Start searching for your easy to use car tracking systems straightaway.