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Can I use a vending machine to generate income for my business?

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Vending machines can be a great way of generating a little extra incomefor your business. If you own your vending machine outright, then any profit made on the selling of drinks and snacks is instant income. If you rent or lease your machine, an agreement on profit, commission or fixed income is made with your supplier, so you should shop around to get the best return before you settle on a supplier. What’s more, by installing a vending machine, you are saving your employee’s money and greatly improving productivity, motivation and customer care, which will all help to boost profits and generate income.

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  • How long is a typical vending machine rental contract?
  • What criteria should guide my choice of a vending machine?
  • Is it better to choose a big vending machine or a smaller one and stock it more often?
  • Can I choose the items for sale in my machine, or are there “standard” preset selections?