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What do I need to focus on when choosing a vending machine for my office?

Once you’ve decided what you want to make available for your staff and visitors (hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks, or a mix of some or all of these) you will then need to arm yourself with certain information before approaching suppliers. What is your expected volume (a machine for a large staff will obviously require greater volume than one for a small shop)? Next you'll need to determine pricing and payment options (money or pre-loaded payment cards). And finally, you'll need to choose between fully managed service, in which your vendor restocks your machine according to a prearranged timetable, or self-managed service, in which you refill your machine as its stock is depleted. Don’t hesitate to   ask vending machine suppliers for quotes and compare their offers side by side. This will allow you to see which provider offers the best price for what you need.

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