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What do full-service and self-management plans imply? What is the difference between them?

Full-service plans imply that the vending machine is made available for free by the provider. The vending machine, with full-service plans, doesn’t cost a penny, rental is free, installation is free, replenishments are free. You just have to pay for the electricity bill.

The service provider takes care of:

  • Replenishments,
  • Earnings collection,
  • Maintenance.

But he also pockets in these earnings. It’s a simple and economical solution for the business where the vending machine is installed, although executives may neither decide what products will be available in the machine, nor lay hands on the earnings.

The duration of these plans varies considerably. The business where the machine is installed and the vending machine provider decide about it when drafting the contract together. Generally, full-service plans last for one year, and self-management plans for two or three years.


In a self-management vending machine plan, the business takes care of everything: maintenance, replenishments, etc. 

In return, all proceeds of the machine’s operation can be kept. Nothing prevents the business from signing a contract with a service provider to take care of vending machine maintenance.

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