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Vending machines: Vending machine choice criteria

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UK vending machine suppliers typically offer two service options: fully-managed or self-managed. 


  • Fully-managed service: your vending supplier installs your machine and manages its day-to-day operation, providing onsite cleaning, maintenance and restocking, and promptly repairing or replacing damaged machines. 
  • Self-managed service: this option will cost less and give you greater control, but also greater responsibility. You decide when to restock your machine and your vending provider delivers supplies as ordered. This is typically coupled with on-demand technical maintenance and emergency call out service.

Vending machine rental or leasing

As is true with copy machines, vehicles or other business equipment, you can choose to buy, rent or lease your vending machines. Outright purchase is rare because it involves tying up your business capital in a depreciating asset. Leasing and renting are more common.

Leasing is generally available if your company has a good credit rating and has traded for at least three years. Your vending machine is owned by a third-party leasing company, which in turn offers it to you under contract (though you may deal directly with the vending company for cleaning, restocking and maintenance of your machine). Leasing contracts vary from one to five years, with short-term leases more costly than long-term leases. Leasing payments may be monthly or quarterly and are generally done via direct debit. They may also be tax deductible.

Renting is similar to leasing except that you contract directly with the vending company. Vending machine rental can be cheaper thanks to the possibility of renting used or refurbished vending machines. But unlike leasing, you do not have the option of purchasing the machine at the end of the rental period