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Vending machines: Vending machine suppliers: buy direct from the manufacturer or from a reseller?

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Any business interested in finding vending machine suppliers may look into two possibilities: getting the machine directly from the manufacturer or buying (or leasing) it from a reseller.

All major global producers have representatives in the UK, so any company can get the machine directly from the manufacturer. However, more servicing and leasing options can be obtained from a growing list of vending machine suppliers which do not have exclusive ties with specific manufacturers.

 Vending machine suppliers

Vending machine suppliers: manufacturers

Most gobal vending machine manufacturers have UK offices to directly sell their products to UK customers. These vending machine suppliers can be divided into four categories based on their country of origin: US suppliers, Japanese suppliers, European suppliers and UK suppliers

American vending machine suppliers

Rather unsurprisingly since this is where vending machines were invented, American companies make up the largest number of vending machine manufacturers. Suppliers include:

- Crane Merchandising Systems

- Dixie-Narco

- MEI Conlux

- Mills Novelty Company

- Monumental Vending

- Fresh Healthy Vending

- Royal Vendors

- Sanden Corporation

Japanese manufacturers

Vending machines are literally everywhere to be found in Japan, so it’s no surprise that Japanese manufacturers are found in the UK as well. Seaga Manufacturing is the most signficant.

European manufacturers

Originally more focussed on hot drinks, European vending machine suppliers such as Selecta and Lavazza now offer machines adapted to many other different kinds of products.

UK manufacturers

Westomatic is the most significant British manufacturer of vending machines and its products are widely available in the UK.

Vending machine suppliers: resellers

Vending machine resellers usually provide more commercial options than manufacturers, as they can sell or lease the machine, but they also provide installation, maintenance, servicing as well as all refills whenever the machine supplies get depleted. As the vending machine business is growing in all companies and institutions in the UK, the number of vending machine suppliers keeps rising. Providers can be grouped in two categories according to machine type: some focus on hot drinks machines, others provide all kinds of vending machines.

Hot drinks machines suppliers

Hot drinks specialists provide table top, floor standing and in-cup machines. Notable suppliers include:

- Express vending,

- Supreme vending,

- Kafenved

Snacks and drinks machines suppliers

These providers offer machines selling snacks, sandwiches, candies as well as hot and cold drinks:

- Refreshment systems,

- Rockvend,

- Candy machines,

- Ratio Brand distribution,

- Vending express,

- VH Graddon vending.