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Water coolers : Bottled water coolers: a simple and cheap solution for your company

Reading time: 3 mins

Mobility, simplicity and affordability are key notions in the business world. From freestanding units to countertop machines, bottled water coolers adapt to different profiles and situations, always at a reasonable cost. Giving your staff and customers access to fresh, pure water at all times without carrying out any complicated plumbing work has never been simpler.

 Bottled water coolers

A brief presentation of bottled water coolers

Before choosing a bottled water cooler as your company’s water dispenser, it is important to understand the various models’ specificities. Likewise, there are many different types and sizes of bottle, suitable for sole traders and small staff kitchens as well as larger businesses and waiting rooms.

Freestanding coolers

These models take up around one square foot of floor space. They don’t need to be plugged into the mains water supply, but usually need electricity to work. Most manufacturers offer a cold water faucet combined with either a room-temperature or a hot water faucet. They are sturdy machines which can easily accommodate the bigger bottles of the range.

Countertop systems

On-the-top or under-the-top units are smaller and more lightweight, but can in general be fitted with standard 19-litre bottles. They offer the same features as their freestanding counterparts, but are more mobile. This way, they can easily be taken to sales events, markets and exhibitions, to offer hot and cold drinks on stand.

Bottles: storing, using, disposing

Bottles for water coolers come in standard sizes of 10, 12, 15 and 19 litres. They contain high quality filtered water, which eliminates the need for a filter inside the dispenser itself. However, open bottles should be used within two days for sanitary reasons. One 19-litre bottle can accommodate 5-10 people a day. Water is delivered daily or weekly, and must be stored away from sunlight and chemicals, which means a room must be dedicated to storage. Empty bottles are disposed off and reused by the delivery company. It should be noted that the bigger the bottle, the heavier. 19-litre bottles weigh around 40lb, which makes them uncomfortable to handle for some people.

A simple solution for everyone

Bottled water coolers can be purchased, but also rented or leased, which means no long term commitment is required. They are definitely a convenient and multi-purpose asset for all companies.

They are easy to install, use and maintain

While plumbed-in water dispensers must in general be installed by a professional (usually for around £100), a bottled water cooler only needs to be plugged into an electric socket and can therefore be used in a matter of minutes. Staff or customers can then enjoy a refreshing drink, or even a hot tea or coffee, at the turn of a handle. Maintenance is easy, as the dispenser only needs to be sanitized every 4-6 weeks, usually by the bottle delivery company.

A low-cost solution

If you choose a bottled water cooler, you will likely pay for the bottles only. Dispensers start at around £150 plus VAT, or even free if you rent or lease. Bought in bulk, bottles can be as cheap as £3-6, plus VAT.

Mobility and versatility

Bottled water coolers are the perfect solution for itinerant businesses, or companies that don’t have access to the main water supply. They can offer everything from a glass of fresh water to near-boiling water to prepare instant noodles.