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Water coolers : A few things you should know about water cooler prices

Reading time: 3 mins

As pollution and water shortages are more and more visible issues, it is not always easy to have access to proper, pure drinking water. And it isn’t cheap either! Water dispensers, whatever their type or model, are today a well-known solution for businesses and private homes alike. They supply filtered drinking water at a reasonable cost. So before you decide on which system best suits your needs, have a look at a few water cooler prices.

Water cooler price

Water dispensers and water cooler prices

Water dispensers haven’t necessarily got to be purchased: there are other, cheaper ways. Likewise, the price range is wide, from small, simple appliances to latest-technology, more complex units.

Buying, renting or leasing?

Buying your water dispenser means you have to consider the costs of accessories, service and maintenance in addition to the water cooler price itself, while leasing is basically the same (you own the dispenser after 3-5 years of half-yearly or quarterly payments), with maintenance often included in the contract. On the other hand, renting might be the most interesting option: the dispenser is usually provided and installed for free; filtration systems, water bottles, maintenance and other services are also generally included. Moreover, when your water cooler needs replacing, you will get a new one, and you will be guaranteed the latest technology and the safest water possible. Don’t be afraid to ask your local water companies for estimates.

Plumbed-in dispensers

The price of mains fed water coolers starts at around £140, but options (such as cold/hot water faucets, ice-making, etc.), will increase the price. It should be noted that countertop units are often a bit more expensive (£180-200). Installation is usually around £100, but if you rent it is likely to be free. Maintenance costs are to be considered as well, like filter cartridges replacement for instance.

Bottled water cooler prices

With bottled water coolers, you buy or rent a dispenser, generally cheaper than plumbed-in units (about £100), and you mainly pay for the bottles (£3-6 plus VAT through most suppliers, more if you buy them at the store). If you rent, bottle replacement might be included in the contract.

Other systems

Some water dispensers are more technologically advanced, but also more expensive. Hot water taps are a versatile system, mains fed and providing hot, cold and even sparkling water. However, prices range between £500 and £1,000, and as they’re a permanent system buying is more likely than renting. Atmospheric water generators produce water from air condensation, but they’re not suitable for all uses. They cost between £750 and £1,000.

Accessories and maintenance

In addition to the water cooler price, you should also consider other related costs, such as maintenance. Cleaning and sanitization are tasks you can carry out yourself, but replacement parts, water refills and such may be free only with certain types of rental contracts.

Filtration systems

Filter cartridges for plumbed-in systems need changing yearly or twice a year under normal conditions of use. Cartridge prices range anywhere from £7 to £100, while more complex reverse osmosis systems may cost as much as £500.


Most water bottle manufacturers supply filled water bottles and recycle empty ones. One standard 19-litre bottle provides water for 5-10 people a day. It costs between £3 and £6 plus VAT, more if you decide to buy it yourself at the store (around £10). Replacement cups and swizzle sticks are quite cheap (£2 per hundred).