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Commercial cleaning: Common area cleaning: why ask for professional services?

Reading time: 2 mins

Are you in charge of a building or a condominium? The maintenance of common areas is carried out with the same degree of professionalism as for an office, a warehouse or a supermarket. The process is also rigorous, the equipment is adapted and the service provider must be chosen with the same care.

Cleaning and maintenance services for common areas

Ensuring good hygiene in a building or condominium is an obligation. In absence of a janitor, it is essential to resort to the services of a cleaning company. You will find below a list of the cleaning activities you can ask them to do.

Maintenance of the interior of the building

  • Ventilation of the building: evacuation of bad odours, disinfection of the ambient air by nebulisation or fumigation
  • Floor and bearing maintenance: vaccuming, cleaning with detergent, polishing, drying
  • Cleaning and polishing of glass parts: windows, bay windows, French windows....
  • Cleaning of parts in contact with hands: dusting, disinfection and polishing of elevator knobs, door handles, switches, timers, wax application on woodwork and stair railings...
  • Maintenance and cleaning of garbage disposal areas
  • Car park floor maintenance, disinfection, drying
  • Cleaning of mailboxes and disinfection

Maintenance of the exterior of the building

  • Maintenance of green spaces: garbage collection, raking, watering of plants and beds
  • Taking the collective bins outside

entretien des locaux

The premises maintenance log book, an essential document

To ensure the proper follow-up of the cleaning of the common areas, a log book must be kept. It is kept by the condominium syndicate and it clearly specifies the follow-up information:

  • The address of the building or the condominium,
  • The insurance contracts,
  • The name of each area to clean: each building of the condominium, the green spaces, the car park, the elevators, the dustbin location, the floors, the elevators...
  • The dates on which cleaning operations are to be carried out and the dates on which restoration work has been carried out.
  • References of the common areas cleaning contract concluded with a possible service provider, with the name of the company and frequency of the interventions.

The choice of the maintenance company for the common areas

While in the past all these operations were largely, if not exclusively, the responsibility of the custodian or janitor, condominiums now tend to look for specialized companies. To choose the right cleaning company, the decision must be taken during the general meeting of co-owners, once a year. It is usually advised to submit several companies for the assembly to choose so do not hesitate to fill a quick, free request for quote and receive up to 4 quotes from cleaning companies.

Choosing a specialized company brings several advantages:

  • The competition between the different companies in the sector will make you benefit from the best value for your money.
  • You can have a precise definition of the frequency of the cleaning as well as of the methods and products used.
  • You get the assurance of a work carried out by a professional, trained and experienced in this type of service.