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Commercial cleaning: Office cleaning: a highly professionalized service for your company

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Office cleaning is more than just scanning and collecting garbage cans. The activity has indeed become highly professionalized to meet the requirements of cleanliness and to be in compliance with the hygiene standards in force.

Office cleaning, a professional service

Office cleaning is part of an organized and methodical work process. A person in charge of the cleanliness of the premises is in charge of establishing a precise schedule of the various cleaning operations. A real team is therefore entirely dedicated to this work.

Unlike industrial cleaning operations for large surfaces or warehouses, the equipment is more basic, and the process is mainly carried out by hand.

Main operations carried out for the cleaning of offices

What are the different office cleaning operations?

  • Ventilation of the premises to renew the ambient air and remove unpleasant odours. Nebulization, fumigation or spraying techniques can be applied to clean up the ambient air.
  • Cleaning surfaces, floors and polishing and drying
  • Dust removal on furniture, shelving, work surfaces, computer screens....
  • Dust removal from radiators, ventilation ducts
  • Emptying garbage cans and replacing bags
  • Disinfection and complete cleaning of the sanitary facilities: sinks, replacement of toilet paper, disinfection of basins and floors,
  • refill with soap and hand towels...
  • Degreasing and cleaning of handrails, door and window handles and other surfaces in contact with hands such as elevator controls for example or coffee machines, telephone handsets...
  • Cleaning of common areas:
    • meeting rooms: floors, offices, chairs, windows, screens...
    • break rooms: chair, table, sofa, TV...
    • kitchens and cafeterias: countertops, counters, sinks, floors, tables, chairs, water fountains, vending machines for drinks and snacks...

Household companies sometimes develop their own cleaning techniques or methods.

nettoyage de bureaux

What type of equipment is required for office cleaning?

The equipment and products used for office cleaning are suitable for professional use: a fungicide and a bactericide are used for carpet disinfection, for example, or a professional power vacuum cleaner for floors and other surfaces.

Cleaning companies regularly renew their equipment and provide you with efficient and sophisticated equipment.

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