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Commercial cleaning: Retail cleaning services for a spotless shop

Reading time: 3 mins

Cleanliness is essential to a shop’s image as it reassures customers and contributes to commercial success.

Retail cleaning services are essential to your shop

Maintaining your shop clean provides a healthy environment for customers at all times and in all circumstances. Retail cleaning must be carried out regularly. For greater efficiency, it is advisable to entrust it to professionals, especially since the methods for retail cleaning services vary from one activity to another. For example, cleaning a hairdresser's salon will not follow the same rules as cleaning a bakery or butcher's shop where hygiene conditions are to be thoroughly monitored to avoid contamination of the meat. Each business has its own specificities, so it is important to choose cleaning companies specialized in your business area.

What needs to be cleaned in your store?

Professional retail cleaning services aim to clean up premises for professional use. This may concern a public place, a place where a tertiary activity is carried out or premises housing a processing or production activity.

For example, for a clothing store, it is necessary to clean:

- The floors: The comings and goings of customers clog the floors and deposit all kinds of residues and dirt on them, especially in winter, when everyone hangs around under their boots, snow, and all kinds of dirt. It is therefore recommended to clean your floors regularly.

- The furniture: No dust on the shelves. Displays must be bright and clean. If an equipment is damaged by a customer or any other person, it must be repaired very quickly.

- The showcase: It is your first contact with the customer, your best advertising. It must therefore be carefully cleaned since it will catch the eye of passers-by and make them want to take a look into your store. It goes without saying that a neglected and dusty display case will not encourage them to enter your store.

Retail cleaning services also concern the other parts of your shop: do not neglect the cleaning of your fitting rooms, your back shop or your toilets.

Your air conditioning and ventilation systems must also be thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacteria from spreading to the air in your store.

If you run a small business, you can clean your shop yourself but it can be time consuming and you may miss some spots. If you run a larger store, it is essential to use a professional cleaning company that will provide you with equipment and competent staff to ensure quality work that is adapted to your business.


What cleaning techniques are used for retail cleaning services?

- For floors: Vacuuming makes it possible to clean all types of floors, hard, plastic, carpets, carpets, etc. For the washing of large surfaces, professionals use equipment such as scrubber-dryers. The cleaning of floor can also be done with a cleaning trolley.

- For shop windows: there are many cleaning techniques, scraping, degreasing, etc. It can be done with a squeegee with a bucket and a wetting agent or even with a pole. When it is done at a certain height, window maintenance can be done by rope under very strict safety conditions.

- For furniture: The sanitation work is mainly manual with microfibre wipes or even disinfectants. This cleaning consists of dusting and dusting office equipment and computer equipment.

Cost of shop and retail cleaning

It takes between £15 and £40 per hour to clean a business. You should also know that a one-time cleaning will cost you much more than if you take out a contract with a cleaning company.

To get a precise estimate of how much it would cost for retail cleaning services, fill a free request for quote.