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Commercial cleaning: Industrial cleaning of warehouses and supermakets

Reading time: 2 mins

Due to the large number of visitors, supermarkets and warehouses are subject to an extensive industrial cleaning. What are the main cleaning operations and the tools and techniques used.

Industrial cleaning services

Depending on the size of the surfaces to be treated and the number of visitors to the site, several types of industrial cleaning operations can be carried out.

- Cleaning, degreasing, drying and polishing of floors

- Cleaning and dusting of walls and poles, usually using high-pressure cleaners with a mixture of air and water.

- Degreasing and disinfecting surfaces in contact with hands: work surfaces, desks, workbenches, shelving, door handles, cash registers, baskets, shopping carts, access ramps, elevators...

- Cleaning and degreasing of windows, doors and bay windows, windows, display cases, refrigerators....

 nettoyage industriel

Industrial cleaning: techniques used and equipment required

To carry out all industrial cleaning operations, special equipment is required.

- The cleaning cart. That is the basic element. It consists of several storage compartments for common cleaning equipment: bin bag compartment, bucket compartment, mop, broom and brush rack, tray for special glass products and disinfectant liquid...

- The single disc machine. Floor cleaning machine equipped with a high-performance motor and a circular brush that can generate 200 to more than 400 rpm. The use of a single-brush machine is particularly effective in removing important stains and marks from floors. It can be used as a vacuum cleaner.

- The sweeper. Industrial or manual, a sweeper vacuums and cleans floors effectively. In its most advanced industrial version, it is similar to a vehicle: it is described as a ride-on vehicle. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the surfaces to be treated, it is possible to use smaller, self-propelled versions.

- The autoscrubber.  This device consists of two tanks: a tank of detergent product and water to thoroughly clean the floors with a disc or brush and a tank that recovers dirt and debris, sucked up by a suction bar. Thanks to this system, the floors are cleaned, polished and dried in a single pass. The ride-on scrubber-dryer is ideal for large areas.

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