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Multifunction printers vs stand alone devices whats best

So you’re looking for a new office printer? But you don’t know what to choose or where to start? Well help is at hand. Whilst the choice might seem overwhelming (do you need inkjet? Wireless? Colour or black and white printers?  A stand-alone or multifunction printer? This can quickly be narrowed down depending on your needs.

multifunction printers

The most important choice you have is between stand-alone or multifunction business printers. Once you have decided on this you can look further into inkjet verses laser printing, whether you would prefer a wireless printer and what features are essential, such as duplex printing or paper size compatibility.

Stand-alone copiers and printers

Stand-alone printers and photocopiers provide the perfect solution for businesses with a large volume of printing work and need the highest quality finish in the quickest possible time. The core benefits of these printing devices include:

  • High volume capacity.
  • Durability and reliability.
  • Function rich. Machines can be set to staple, sort, align, hole-punch and change paper size without needing to be constantly monitored.
  • Very fast printing and photocopying speeds.
  • Low printing cost per page.
  • Excellent resolution print quality.

With new technology constantly being introduced to the business printing market, stand-alone devices really can give you a professional print finish whilst saving your staff considerable amounts of time.

Multifunction printers

A multifunction device incorporates a printer, photocopier, fax machine and scanner in one compact machine. Multifunction printers are particularly well suited to businesses that have limited office space, don’t have a permanent home or have continuously changing print and copy needs. The main advantages of multifunction printers are:

  • Space saving and energy efficient.
  • Cheaper than buying separate scanners, faxes, printers and photocopiers.
  • Comprehensive document management in one easy to use multifunction machine.
  • Lots of choice in the marketplace, meaning you can find a multifunction printer perfectly suited to your specific needs.
  • Easy to maintain and if it should breakdown, you only need to repair one piece of equipment.
  • Only one set of consumables to order.
  • Some multifunction devices come with sophisticated digital photography and image management programmes.
  • A wireless multifunction printer can be connected to a number of PCs and laptops (as well as mobile phones and tablets) around the office without the need for wires.
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