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Business Printers and Photocopiers: how to make the right choice

Choosing the right printers and photocopiers for your business can be a daunting task, especially with so much choice on offer. Whilst price will obviously be the overriding factor, you still get a lot of choice for your money. If you’re in a position to buy or rent, the first step is to assess your needs. Understanding exactly what you print and copy is key to finding the right business printer.

 business printers and photocopiers

Secondly, don’t be lured by lots of fancy features that you will never use, as this can drive the price up dramatically. So remain practical when deciding what you need alongside what you can afford. The good news is that today’s commercial printing devices are incredibly sophisticated and cater for a whole host of business print solutions, so professional document creation and management is both easy to use and affordable.

Choosing between stand-alone printers and photocopiers or opting for a multifunction device will be your first big decision. Here’s a quick overview:






Stand-alone Printers

Does exactly what it says. A stand-alone printer works independently of other printing devices and only prints.

Very fast print speed.

Whole range of paper management systems to organise your printing exactly how you want it.

Cheap printing per page.



Takes up a lot of room in the office.

Can be expensive, especially if purchasing all printing devices separately.


Stand-alone Photocopiers

Copies without the need to be connected to a computer and only features copy functions.

Very fast copy speed.

Built for heavy usage.

Cheap copying per page.

Sophisticated document management capabilities, such as stapling and sorting.

Can work out more economical than a multifunction model if your office only needs a photocopier.

Perfect for high volume copy jobs.

Large, bulky pieces of kit that take up space and are heavy to transport.

High-end models can be costly (renting options are usually available).


Multifunction Printers

A compact all-in-one machine that incorporates a printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine.

All your printing equipment in one place.

Saves a considerable amount of office space.

Cheaper than buying separate stand-alone devices.

Only one set of consumables to buy and one round of servicing and repairs.


If the machine breaks, you lose all print, scan, fax and copy functions at once.

Tends to be slower than stand-alone models.

Print resolution in top of the range models might be excellent, but is not always the case in cheaper models.

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