Compare Quotes for Buying or Leasing Printers & Copiers
Compare Quotes for Buying or Leasing Printers & Copiers
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All in one or separately photocopiers, scanners, printers and fax machines are some of the essential office requirements to get your business going and ensure your customers can reach you by all means of communication. Our selected range of printers, scanners, fax machines and photocopier suppliers is here to meet all your specific requirements. Find the right photocopier suppliers for your business today! Leasing printers is also available.

All businesses, no matter where, no matter what size, no matter what industry, need a printer and a copier. Simply because all companies need to produce and duplicate documents, for their clients’ internal use, for their relations with government offices.

Of course, it’s clear that small businesses and the occasional home/office user, or the large corporation printer thousands of pages per day will not have the same needs. Not only has the cost of these machines greatly diminished, for a growing number of features: access to these simple and indispensable technologies has also been made even easier with such financing methods as leasing.

Many manufacturers of fax machines, copiers and printers - it’s more and more often the same machine actually - compete on the market, to meet different needs at different prices.

Copiers and printers

With the rise of multi-function printers, the main features of photocopiers and printers are usually now gathered in a single machine. Many brands compete on the market, but not all of them can provide the same advanced features.

Types of photocopiers

Types of photocopiers are now extremely varied, in order to meet every possible business used. Even if the usual consumer is familiar with multi-function printers and user-friendly, advanced features present on home/office use photocopiers, this consumer will have little idea of the incredible features and volume supported by professional copiers and printers. Major types of photocopiers include:

- portable photocopiers;

- colour photocopiers;

- desktop copiers;

- black and white photocopiers;

- inkjet multi-function printers and photocopiers;

- laser multi-function printers and photocopiers.

Fax machines

Fax machines are still widely used in the business world, and manufacturers still produce standalone, traditional fax machines together with their range of copiers and printers. However, many fax machines are now multi-function printers with fax machine capability.

Types of fax machines

Although multifunction printers with fax machine capability are gradually taking over the market, several types of fax machines still exist:

- Inkjet fax machines;

- Laser fax machines;

- Thermal fax machines;

- Multifunction printers with fax machine capability.

Major photocopier, printer and fax machines brands


Major brands include Xerox, Ricoh, Brother, Olivetti, Canon, Toshiba, HP, Konica-Minolta, Samsung, Philips and Sharp.