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Save space and money with a desktop photocopier

Most companies are nowadays equipped with a photocopier. However, depending on the size of your business or the type of tasks you intend to use such a machine for, not all models may suit your needs. For occasional use in small businesses, or at home, a desktop photocopier will be the best choice. It’s perfect for small volumes of copies, it’s easy to use and it saves space, time and money.

 Desktop photocopier

Why should you choose a desktop photocopier?

Understanding the specificities of desktop photocopiers will help you determine if they are the best solution for you.

A user-friendly solution

Modern photocopiers are often referred to as multi-function printers (MFPs), as they not only copy documents but also scan or print them from a computer. Therefore, higher-end units tend to be quite complicated to operate, which can impair your office’s workflow if your staff is not properly trained. On the contrary, desktop photocopiers are smaller, simpler units that anyone can use with little or no prior training. Basic servicing like loading paper or changing toner and ink cartridges can also be performed by staff, thus saving time and money.

Saving space and time

As their name suggests, desktop units need fewer space than bulkier models designed for professional use. A desk or counter will be enough, which makes these machines suitable for domestic use. Small offices which don’t process large volumes of copies won’t have to invest too much capital or pay excessive maintenance fees.

Who are desktop photocopiers suitable for?

Home users and sole traders will definitely choose an MFP for all their printing and copying needs. Such a machine is perfect to print invoices or estimates and keep a copy for customer records. An architect, for instance, will be able to scan photos or copy blueprints, and print diagrams. Small independent companies or administrations generally don’t use their photocopier often, sometimes not even on a daily basis, so they don’t want machines needing a long preparation or operation time


Technical and financial considerations

If a desktop photocopier seems to be a sensible choice for most users, there is more than just the unit’s size to consider. Technology and price must be taken into account to narrow the choice down.

Speed, resolution and paper capacity

First copy speed from standby is usually better than on larger units, but desktop photocopiers are a bit slower for copies and prints, between 10 and 30 pages per minute. Resolution is average, 600-1200 dpi in general. Colour units exist, and are of course more expensive. Paper capacity is reduced, but as loading the tray is easy it doesn’t take that much time. However, finishing tools like staplers or document folders may be hard to find on desktop models.

A look on prices

Like any other important piece of office equipment, desktop photocopiers can be rented as well as simply bought. Second-hand refurbished units are very popular as they may save you up to 75% compared to a brand new machine. In general, prices range from around £100 to £1,000 for high-end, more complete MFPs. 

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