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Compare Suppliers and Save Money on your Energy Bills
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Energy: Finding the best gas and electricity deals for your business

Reading time: 3 mins

It is estimated that most UK businesses are overpaying for their gas and electricity. Are you one? Maybe you haven’t looked closely at your business energy supplier’s offer for a while? Or maybe you took on the energy tariff from the former occupants of your premises? Shopping around for better gas and electricity deals could save your business a lot of money. Now is the time.

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What you need to consider to get the best gas & electricity deals

Here are the main things you will need to consider when searching for business gas and electricity deals:

  • Will I get cheaper gas and electricity bills? This is surely the biggest question you need to ask when you are thinking of switching power suppliers. This will depend on location, how you choose to pay and how much energy your business uses.
  • Is this the right time to switch? You should always consider if your new commercial energy supplier has proposed price hikes in the near future or if they can offer you a fixed gas and electricity deal to safeguard against this.
  • Does the billing and invoicing system work for you?
  • Will you save money in the long as well as short term?
  • Can the energy deal be used across all of your business’s sites? If you decide that the new gas and electricity deal is good value, will you be in a position to switch to the same deal across all your business’s buildings in the future?
  • Is the customer service, repairs and maintenance contract a good package?
  • What extras are included, and are they important? Sometimes you will be offered joining credit, energy surveys or free insulation.
  • Will there be any interruption to your service during switchover? In most cases you won’t notice any disruption to your business gas or electricity supply, but it is always worth checking this.
  • Will you incur any fees if you want to change again in the future? This usually only applies to some fixed-term, fixed-price contracts.

Comparing best energy deals and tariffs

With the energy market so competitive at the moment, there are a lot of electricity and gas suppliers fighting for your business. Searching through all the different electricity, gas and dual fuel deals can be time consuming and confusing. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the main things you want from your deal on gas and electricity – whether it be saving money, better customer service or more convenient billing – and avoiding the trap of short-term offers which may not be beneficial in the long run. You should always be given a cooling off period in case you change your mind and remember that you can change energy providers whenever you like and as many times as you need.

Comparison Web sites are a great place to start when shopping around for cheaper gas and electricity. They can really eliminate a lot of the hassle by offering easy-to-view comparisons, completing the paperwork for you and being on hand to answer any questions that come up. And anything that frees up your time and lets you get back to running your business has to be a good thing.