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Energy: Switching your commercial gas and electricity supplier

Reading time: 2 mins

With UK gas and electricity prices at an all-time high, now really is a good time to consider switching your commercial gas or electricity supplier. Business customers in particular could see a significant drop in their gas and electricity bills by shopping around for the best deals.

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How to find the best commercial deal for your business

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when making comparisons between commercial gas and electricity suppliers, so you need to have all of these details to hand:

  • Location, so that commercial energy providers operating in your area can be established.
  • How you pay your business utility bills. There are often discounts for pre-pay or setting up direct debits.
  • Are you on an electricity meter? This will limit you to meter-only tariffs, although you may be able to come off the meter as part of the switch.
  • Annual KWh consumption. Your current power supplier can provide this. This will help you to work out accurate comparisons.
  • Preferred tariff. Would you like a fixed or variable rate? Are you looking for individual or duel fuel deals? Would you prefer an environmentally friendly green tariff?
  • If your property is rented, remember to seek permission from the landlord.

How easy is it to switch commercial electricity suppliers?

The task of actually changing your commercial energy supplier may fill you with dread, with thoughts of paperwork, lengthy calls and hefty charges to pay. But changing business energy providers needn’t be a hassle. There won’t need to be any physical changes made to the cabling or pipes in your property and you won’t be subject to disconnection during the switch-over. You will also be offered a cooling off period, usually 7-14 days, so if you change your mind you can cancel the transfer free of charge.

These very simple steps are all you will need to do to switch suppliers of gas and electricity:

  • Decide on your new provider and deal.
  • Supply required information to new supplier or third party overseeing your switch, such as a price comparison website. This will only require very basic information and filling out a direct debit form if you choose to pay in this way.
  • Once the new gas and electricity company has your details you will be given a date for the switch. This could be 4-8 weeks later.
  • On the day when your supply is switched over, remember to take meter readings and provide these to the new gas or electricity supplier.
  • Your new provider will take care of closing your old account and you will be sent a final bill.

Sit back and enjoy the savings!