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Get up to 4 free quotes within 48 hours!
Prices, features, benefits: Compare suppliers of franking machines and find the best deal! Prices, features, benefits: Compare suppliers of franking machines and find the best deal!

Franking machine: From large to small businesses: who needs a franking machine?

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Any business that uses the mail can derive significant postage cost savings by using a franking machine. Even small businesses are leveraging franking machines with as much success as large organisations that send very high volumes of mail.

Franking machine for small businesses

Franking machines for big companies

For high mail volume it simply isn’t feasible to take the mail to a post office every day, and so a sophisticated, high-volume machine in a dedicated post room is the most efficient way of dealing with business post. High-volume franking machines work extremely quickly, automatically sort mail and come with user-friendly features such as accounting facilities and Cleanmail capability (this is subject to further discounts from the Royal Mail because it ensures addresses can be read by sorting machines).

And for small businesses

A small business can also benefit from operating its own franking machine, which will reduce postage costs by up to 30% and liberate employees from the drudgery of queuing in the Post Office or checking postage prices.

Furthermore, by franking their mail, small businesses are demonstrating a professional attitude, improving branding and allowing themselves real flexibility on mail outs, which can all support business growth for the future. There are many cheap franking machines on the market (along with good rental options) which will cater well for low-volume customers and can be quietly used in the corner of the office.

Essential features in a franking machine

The amount of mail you are expecting to send will determine the features you require. There is no point in spending money on a machine that has complex features you’ll never use, but at the same time you don’t want to limit future growth. Taking the time now to compare features and evaluate your postal needs will pay dividends in the future.

Look for the following features when choosing your franking machine:

  • Integrated scales for weighing envelopes and parcels
  • Envelope auto feed and alignment systems to avoid paper jams
  • Clear control panels that are easy to navigate
  • Inkjet printing to guarantee clear, smudge-proof franking
  • Envelope sealing features
  • Capacity to handle envelope and package sizes you regularly send
  • Ability to print numerous logos and messages, which can be easily adjusted
  • Password protect features to ensure only authorized personnel can use the franking equipment
  • Accounting facilities and reporting tools to help you keep on top of everything you spend.

Whether your business is large or small, to get the right franking machine model (for example DM55-DM100-IS3300 franking machines), you need to compare several offers and chose the best for your business. To do so ask for your free quotes et get them within 48 hours