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Snack vending machine selection criteria



Several factors should be

considered when weighing

your choice of a snacks

vending machine

Selection: look for a machine capable of offering a wide variety of choices, from confectionaries to crisps to sandwiches, in order to satisfy all your employees’ snacking habits

Capacity: by choosing a machine that holds a large quantity of snack items you will avoid the need for constant refilling

Payment method: in order to increase convenience for users it makes sense to choose a machine that accepts both coins and pound notes. Your machine must be able to return the difference between the price of an item selected and the coin (or note) inserted to buy it.

Pricing items: rounding prices of the items in your vending machine to the nearest whole pound will facilitate purchases and also reduce the change-making burden on the machine

Delivery mechanism: few of the old-style drop-shelf machines are still in existence, which is good because they were too easy to tilt and shake and get an item to fall by sheer force. Most of today’s machines deliver items with a spiral coil that pushes them off a rack. Even more secure is the conveyor system found in some machines which raises the delivery bin up to the selected item rather than sending the item down on the fly, before allowing the purchaser to open the delivery hatch.

Security: choose a machine that is difficult to cheat! Insist on thick glass displays, heavy gauge metal frames with locking mechanisms at multiple points, and a delivery bin that seals off the snack selection area when the user opens it to retrieve his snack.


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