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Hot water dispensers and hot water kettles basically provide the same service: they supply hot or boiling water. Therefore, they are a popular feature in offices and waiting rooms, where they conveniently replace hot drink machines. Some models are also suited to domestic use, so everyone may find a solution corresponding to their own hot water needs.


Plumbed-in  hot water dispensers are well suited to large companies and waiting rooms. From municipal water, they can supply endless amounts of hot water to prepare tea, coffee and other hot beverages. Usually, an electric generator heats the water which is then stored in a dedicated tank and maintained at the right temperature. This means hot water is instantly available at any time, providing you don’t need more than what the tank can hold. Some more expensive systems such as hot water taps can supply any quantity instantly and all the time.


Hot water kettles tend to be more economic for smaller quantities: you only boil the amount you need. At home or in small staff kitchens, they may be the right choice. They heat the water in a few minutes, and are very mobile and easy to use. However, just like tank-fed or bottle-fed  hot water dispensers, hot water kettles need frequent refills. On the contrary, hot water dispensers can supply at least 60 cups an hour.


Taking into account electric consumption and the desired amount of liquid, hot water kettles may be a reasonable choice, as it is very cheap and easy to replace if need be.

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