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How do I place the water cooler bottle on the water dispenser?


As bottled water is filtered and exempt from any chemicals or impurities, maintenance and cleaning of bottled water dispensers is fairly easy. Filtration systems aren’t necessary, and you can clean or sanitize your water dispenser yourself. Bottled water coolers are also mobile, particularly the countertop models, and suitable for domestic as well as professional use.


Therefore, these systems require little intervention from your part. However, it is still necessary to replace water cooler bottles when they’re empty. Standard 19-litre bottles are suitable for 5 to 10 people a day, and must be consumed within two days after opening. This means water cooler bottles need replacing quite often. Besides, water bottles can be scheduled for weekly or monthly delivery, but in some major cities daily delivery might be a possible option for offices with little storage space.


Always entrust bottle replacement to someone who is strong enough. As a matter of fact, 19-litre bottles weigh a bit more than 40lb, which is quite heavy. If your dispenser doesn’t have a water guard, simply remove the cap and place the bottle upside-down.


With a water guard, just remove the label from the top cap, and place the bottle on the dispenser. The cap will be perforated, and the spill-safe system, if there is one, will push open the valve in the cap: this way, you will never spill or contaminate the water. Once your water cooler bottle in place, it’s ready for use.


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