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Installing a hot water dispenser in your home or your company is a great idea. Compared with regular water coolers, the price of a hot water dispenser remains reasonable and attractive. In a staff kitchen, employees will be able to enjoy refreshing beverages as well as hot drinks and light snacks such as hot soups and noodles. Moreover, hot water dispensers and water boilers come at a variety of costs. This way, everyone can afford them. Here are a few hot water dispenser prices.


The range starts with uncomplicated freestanding units, either bottle-equippe d or mains-fed . At around £100, they come with room-temperature, cold and hot water from three different faucets. Water is heated and stored in a tank, for instant supply at the turn of a handle or the push of a button.


Countertop  or under-the-counter units are usually cheaper, at £35 to £80. They are more mobile and lightweight solutions, but if they’re bottle-fed they may be inadequate for large offices. Under-the-counter models integrate to most standard kitchen elements to optimize space.


At the top of the range, hot water taps are a more permanent solution, but they’re also more expensive. They fit flush with any counter and connect to the mains water supply. They supply cold, boiling and even sparkling water, and are very secure thanks to built-in safety systems, anti-flood detection and touch control. They cost between £300 and £1,000.


A hot water dispenser’s price may vary, that’s why you need to carefully assess your needs and compare models before buying. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote!


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